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Dreams of 100 Years – Fairytales for Adults

  Fairytales were not necessarily for children in the old days either and nowadays numerous retellings make them adult fantasies again. Juri Nummelin has put together 13 short stories or fairytales by different Finnish authors with quite different styles. One… Continue Reading →

Kristina Carlson: Mister Darwin’s Gardener

  Despite the name, this book is more about the God than the garden. Kristina Carlson has fantasized the village of Mr Darwin and its inhabitants and their various perspectives on religion in the end of 1870s, when Mr Darwin’s… Continue Reading →

Maria Jotuni: Suhteita, Rakkautta/Relationships, Love

  If you were transported a hundred years back in time, what would life be like? What would the relationships between people be like? Or language? I’m pretty sure there’d be quite a bit more difficulties than often is presented… Continue Reading →

Riina Paasonen: All that we lost / Kaikki minkä menetimme

  Last year I read Tommi Kinnunen’s Where Four Roads Meet. It was popular in Finland like it’s spin-off Lopotti, and quite predictably they were both full of agony and non-communicating, hapless characters… Well, well. Now I got Riina Paasonen’s All that we… Continue Reading →

FinLit Year 2017 – Reading List for the Anniversary of Finland

  Year 2017 is a big anniversary for Finland: the country reaches 100 years of independence. The whole year will be filled with events celebrating the anniversary. To mark this special year, I decided to dive into Finnish literature, as… Continue Reading →

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