About me

Would you like to know me better? Well then, let me tell you the five things that really get me going:

Journalism – I’ve been a journalist for two decades. It’s become my second nature. I’m always looking for new exciting content for the publications I’m working for. As a journalist I’m an expert on biodiversity, agriculture, gardening, animal husbandry, cultural heritage and history. But as I’m also the editor of a local newspaper, I count myself a generalist too. Do you need journalistic content for a publication or website? Send me a message!

Writing – Everybody’s writing now. There has been an exponential growth in writing in the world since all the social media came along. This has also increased the need for writers and content creation in businesses. With writing I can realize your goals: communicate your ideas, tell your association’s or company’s history, teach about your inventions or methods, or convey any message you want to send to the world. Writing can take the form of a blog post, a leaflet, a publication, a book or even a script for a podcast. Let’s put those words together!

Editing – All the texts are drafts before they’ve been edited. It is the best way to make sure the text is correct and really conveys the message that is intended. A simple grammatical mishap can change the meaning of a sentence to the opposite, so it is worthwhile to have another pair of eyes go through your text. As a professional editor, I can make a mediocre text superior. I edit all kinds of texts from nonfiction to fiction. Let me show you how to make your text rock!

Illustrating – Visual arts have been essential to me since I first grabbed a pen in my hand. I’ve done fine art, comics, photography, statues, installations… Now my main focus is on illustrations and comics. Illustrations often enhance and bring additional depth to textual content. Sometimes they work fine on their own. They’re a perfect way to express and create emotion. Have you already looked at my Art Blog? There are numerous uses for illustrations and just as many possible styles. Tell me what kind of pictures you need and we can design your dream illustration together!

Education – I’m a firm believer in life-long learning. Since my master’s degree at the university, I’ve studied university level courses in general education theory, art history and service design. I’ve also taken numerous visual art courses. I love studying, because it’s an opportunity to open up new worlds to myself and to understand life in new ways. My professional skills have been built on the base of university education in communication, regular updates with new courses and studies and the practical knowledge that comes from actually doing the work. If you’d like to know more about my background, check me out at LinkedIn.

Now I’d like to hear from you – what are your needs or problems and how could I help you?

Susan Wilander


Bartolomeus Oy

Rajametsäntie 9 B
00620 Helsinki