Space whale by Susan Wilander

Space traveller whales

Space whale by Susan Wilander

I adore whales! They are fascinating and beautiful creatures with mind boggling dimensions.

I would love to know what they are singing to each other while travelling through the vast blue oceans? Humpback whales have new trendy songs each season transferring from one pod to another – quite like our hit songs, but their essential calls – their language – have sounds that have remained the same for generations.

We still know so little about the marine life, it could as well be in the space. Whales being so big, they could easily be space vessels. In fact, they often have all kinds of smaller lifeforms attached to their bodies, so perhaps they’re some kind of bus system for the abyss?

Which bus would you take? I think I’d pick a humpback whale, it spends summers in the north and winters in the tropics, which sounds like an excellent idea to me.

I have made a series of whale illustrations, here’s a trio framed:

There are quite a few options in my Redbubble shop with the Space whale theme:

Space whale greeting card
Space whale bath mat


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