So, how do you like snails?

Snails – You love them or you hate them

There seems to be two types of people – either you love snails or you hate them. I find them cute and fascinating. And I’m a gardener. 😀

There are several different types of snails in our household. Those wild ones living in the garden. They are small and mostly visible after rain. Then a huge African giant snail, my daughter’s pet. And dozens of miniature snails living in our two aquariums and taking care of the algae control.

Snails have really embraced the lately so popular slow-life trend. They take their time to wonder the world. But to be honest, they’re not quite as slow as one might think. The snails in the aquarium move surprisingly fast, when they detect it’s the feeding time. Normally they’ve buried into the sand, but just as quickly as there’s fish food in the tank, an army of snails has emerged through the sand.

Snails clock
Is the time running or crawling?

Snails have quite practical means of procreation. They are hermaphrodites, can store their eggs inside their body for a long time and produce copious amounts of offspring in no time. The first African giant snail we had as a pet, was bought from a pet store and it was already quite big. Having lived in the same terrarium with other snails in the pet store, it wasn’t much of a surprise it produced a respectable amount of eggs after having settled down in its new home. It took about three months for me to sell and finally donate the tiny snail babies away, so when it was a time to get a new African giant, we were wiser. This time we acquired the youngest possible snail baby from a private seller. Now two years later it has grown to ten times its original size, but no babies…

Snails have their pros and cons in our minds, but for the ecosystem they’re important. Snails are the caretakers of the nature – eating decomposing plant matter and proving food and calcium for larger animals consuming them. They have their own role in the big picture just like everyone else.

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snails magnet
Snail magnet
snails ipad skin
Snail ipad skin


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