night in the garden by Susan Wilander

Night in the garden

Night in the garden by Susan Wilander
Night in the garden by Susan Wilander

It’s full moon today. Perfect opportunity to discovery a whole new aspect of the garden. Moonlight brings out incredible atmosphere and, especially white flowers look amazing.

I found inspiration for Night in the garden from this kind of moonlight hue garden. In Finland it is not that easy to enjoy a moonlit garden. In summer time, when the flowers are at their best, the nights are too light for a real night-feeling. In August/September the nights are already getting dark, but then there are fewer flowers in bloom.

Thus, I created the night time garden wonder in my mind and transferred it to this painting. To be enjoyed by me, but hopefully also by you!

Flower dreams by Susan Wilander on an ipad skin

I also decided to try out several different colour schemes and ambiences with these botanical figures. Flower dreams gives a light hearted, happy feeling. It has the spirit of spring in it, with all the promise that those light pastel colours can convey of the full beauty of summer.

Those were the days by Susan Wilander on a travel mug (perfect for that hammock moment :-))

Those were the days depicts the end of the summer. In July/beginning of August the heat has worn most greenery into a bit faded hues. There’s a kind of drowsy feeling, with heat making life slow, bees buzzing in the flowers and the air hanging heavy over the garden. It is just the right time to head to the hammock with a cold drink and a good book and allow yourself a sweet moment of laziness.

All these paintings are available at my Redbubble shop. Here’s a few examples of how they look like on a selection of products:

Night in the garden sleeveless top
Night in the garden throw pillow
Flower dreams A-line dress
Flower dreams spiral notebook
Those were the days art print
Those were the days zipper pouch


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