Let it snow greeting card

Let it snow!

All this Christmas feeling is making me long for snow. It’s not quite cold enough for that now, but hopefully we’ll still have a white Christmas. There’s still time! In the meanwhile, I’ve been knitting socks and planning Christmas presents.

Christmas stockings by Susan Wilander
Christmas stockings greeting card

Everybody doesn’t love cold. I know I’ll be over it in a couple of months too. But now it’s nice to dream about the snowflakes flying in the air, the soft muted sounds that a new snow cover will bring about, snowmen and all the beautiful trees covered in snow.

Snowman - Let it snow by Susan Wilander
Snowman – Let it snow ipad skin

This year I’m planning on sending Christmas cards. I haven’t for quite a few years now. Somehow the digital greetings became the norm and the closest people I would meet face-to-face anyway. But this year no meeting is self-evident. Sending a physical card is a way of telling I care and bringing joy to the recipient. And – it is quite nice to show the cards on a wall or a mantelpiece.

Christmas comfort by Susan Wilander
Christmas comfort sticker

Here in Finland Christmas elves, or joulutontut in Finnish, have a very important role. They are the ones to check who’s naughty and who’s nice and they make the presents and pack them in beautiful wrappers. I guess that’s why there are lots and lots of Christmas elf decorations and we certainly have our share of them. So, the elves have now inhabited our house.

Nice or naughty? Christmas elves are keeping records by Susan Wilander
Nice or naughty? Christmas elves are keeping records comforter

How do you get cosy today? I think I’m going to have a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows and write a list of everybody I’m going to send a Christmas card this year.

Hot cocoa on a winter day by Susan Wilander
Hot cocoa on a winter day apron

These designs are all my own and handmade. If you like them, take a look at my Redbubble shop to see even more Christmas designs and other kind of art too.


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