Fear of Water



I’ve been drawing all my life and drawing comics most of my life. My stories are often born on the quirky oddities of everyday life, something funny or weird.

Fear of Water by Susan Wilander

Fear of Water came from the very uncomfortable feeling I’ve so often had swimming in the sea or a lake where the bottom is invisible. Although my reason tells me there’s nothing to worry, the monsters of the imagination create a force that seems to drag me under the surface…

Fear of Water under the surface by Susan Wilander

In Fear of Water this experience comes to a creature, who’s supposed to be at home in even the murkiest of waters. And the question really is, whether it is any safer on the dry land for him?

Fear of Water fish by Susan Wilander

This is my first Kindle e-comic. It was a pleasant surprise to create the e-comic with Kindle Comic Creator. It is easy to use and it offers plenty of options on how to build the e-comic. Fear of Water is available at Amazon.




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