Happy Christmas from Scotland by Susan Wilander

Christmas is coming – are you ready?

This year Christmas seems to come earlier. After all the dreadful things that have happened this year, it’s only natural to want something to cheer up the cold and dark November and December months. And what a better way than to hang out the Christmas lights and start planning the holidays.

Merry Xmas T-shirt pin by Susan Wilander
Merry Xmas T-shirt pin by Susan Wilander

This year many of us has seen friends and family less than normal. Perhaps we have to stay apart even on Christmas. In these circumstances it’s good to go back to old traditions and send a bunch of Christmas cards. Because, as nice and easy as the digital greetings are, they’re not quite the same as receiving a real Christmas card you can put on the mantelpiece.

I’ve been feeling quite Christmassy for a while now. We started to hang out lights in the beginning of November, and since then all kinds of decorations have gradually found their way around the house. Christmas has inspired me to create a series of cards in collage technique. There’s something quite soothing in cutting colourful papers and pasting together pictures for cards.

Quite many of them have animals in them, especially dogs. A warm fluffy dog and Christmas decorations kind of go together, don’t you think? Add an open fire and a warm drink and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Happy Christmas from Sotland! greeting card by Susan Wilander
Happy Christmas from Scotland sticker by Susan Wilander

These designs are all my own, hand-cut paper collages, which have then been scanned and transformed into printable products. If you like them, take a look at my Redbubble shop to see even more Christmas designs and other kind of art too.


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