Let it snow greeting card

Let it snow!

All this Christmas feeling is making me long for snow. It’s not quite cold enough for that now, but hopefully we’ll still have a white Christmas. There’s still time! In the meanwhile, I’ve been knitting socks and planning Christmas presents. Everybody doesn’t love cold. I know I’ll be over it in a couple of months …

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Happy Christmas from Scotland by Susan Wilander

Christmas is coming – are you ready?

This year Christmas seems to come earlier. After all the dreadful things that have happened this year, it’s only natural to want something to cheer up the cold and dark November and December months. And what a better way than to hang out the Christmas lights and start planning the holidays.

Memento mori

Memento mori

The ancient Romans said: ”Memento mori” = remember your mortality. The message was to embrace life before it ends, to remember to enjoy living. Today this message might bring about many other associations too. It seems we’ve been collectively reminded of our mortality and it has been very hard on many people. In the times …

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