Koi carp ipad skin by Susan Wilander at Redbubble

Art for the stockings

Often people see art as something elevated, above the everyday life and thus also inaccessible for them. This need not to be the case. In the old days art was often confined to the private halls of the wealthy. Today it is very much accessible to all of us.

Chinchilla socks
If chinchillas are your thing…

I’ve made art pretty much always. But lately I’ve come to question myself – what is the meaning of art? The world is full of talented artists and amazing art works. Why should I add to that and what could I add to that? But I’ve realized that there is space for each art work that is made. For art is not only important as an end product, it is important as a process.

painting and drawing supplies. Photo by Bodobe.
Let you creativity flow!

When artist creates art, she processes issues important to her in her mind and through her hands. When this process creates something that has significance beyond the personal level, it becomes art that is meaningful for the general public too. It will touch the hearts or move the minds of people. It doesn’t have to be a revolution every time – bringing joy to another person can make all the difference in the world.

In our digital age, artists can distribute their work easier than ever before. This is to the benefit of everybody. It increases artists’ possibilities to get sales and thus continue their artistic careers and it makes it possible for anyone to experience art and enjoy it in their everyday lives.

When you’re planning this year’s Christmas presents, why not include a few art works? They need not be framed pictures, because art is available in practical products too. It can be worn, drunk from or used as a carrier.

Happy Christmas from Scotland sticker
Happy Christmas from Scotland sticker
Marigold Summer backpack
Marigold backpack

These designs are all my own and handmade. If you like them, take a look at my Redbubble shop to see even more designs for Christmas and beyond.


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