I’m a professional editor, with over 15 years experience in non-fiction texts and now also spreading out to fiction. If you’d like to hire me as an editor to work with you on your manuscript, please fill in the below contact form. I will be in touch with you and we can further discuss your editing needs and how I can best help you.

Editing Services

I do structural editing, line editing and copy editing. My goal is to work with the author to find the best solutions for the text, keeping in mind the target audience and the genre of the text.

Structural editing handles the logical organization and flow of the content of your text to make sure it is reader-friendly, easy to understand and concise. Structural editing makes sure that your text conveys your ideas clearly and accurately, the plot draws in the reader and the story is logical.

Line editing pays attention to the style of the text. Although every writer has a unique voice, the process of line editing makes sure that the language used sounds right in the mind of the reader. This can mean clarifying the meaning of sentences, eliminating clichés, improving dialogue or adjusting the formality of the text to meet the genre requirements.

Copy editing is what most people understand with the term editing. It includes the checking of the grammar, spelling, punctuation a.s.o. Copy editing pays attention to the consistency of the style, the accuracy of the facts and the placement of the possible illustrations or graphics. At this point no major changes are made.

How can I help you with your editing needs? Fill in the contact form and I’ll be in touch with you!


Being a writer and author

Besides editing, I’m a journalist and author. As such I have a good feel to what a writer is looking for in an editor, what are the challenges and how to tackle them. Working in the worlds of journalism and book publishing at the same time also gives perspective and insight into the marketing aspects of the book publishing.

My new book on Montessori method is coming out in August 2018 (in Finnish):

Montessoripedagogiikka – Oppimisen iloa is available to purchase at Suomen Montessoriliitto.