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Gods Behaving Badly

Marie Phillips has taken a look at the inner depths of the fears and desires of the ancient Greek gods of Olympus and created a hilarious tale of how to readjust to the ever-changing world. As the human kind has… Continue Reading →

The Inventor of IT

Ada’s Algorithm by James Essinger suggests that our world could have been a very different place, if Ada Lovelace’s discoveries had been valued as they should’ve already a couple of hundred years ago. Ada was a victim of gender stereotypes… Continue Reading →

Journey to Another Reality

Gene Ha’s Mae is a surprising, dreamy journey to another reality. Two sisters, Mae and Abby meet after a long separation and try to locate their dad, kidnapped into another dimension. The story is original and exciting, and the illustrations… Continue Reading →

Herculean Labours

Herakles Book 1 by Edouard Cour is a stunning work of the legend of Herakles. He depicts the hero with warmth and humanity, giving his heroic deeds new depth. But what makes this graphic novel exceptional are its illustrations. Herakles,… Continue Reading →

For the Chicken Enthusiasts

Lifestyles of the Chicken Famous by Kathy Shea Mormino is a gorgeous photo book on chickens. If you have dreamed of your own chickens, this book will shoot your chicken fever through the roof. The photos are absolutely beautiful and… Continue Reading →

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