Anna Sabino’s book: Your Creative Career is all and more of what any entrepreneur at creative fields could ask for.  Reading her book, I recognized there so many themes, questions, prejudices and strategies familiar from years of being an artist and collaborating with other artists.

Want to hear what it was like to write this book? Listen to Anna Sabino tell her story!

Most of the problems in the creative field stem from the lack of entrepreneurial skills and experience. All too often creatives don’t take their business seriously enough. Huge amount of hard work may go into the creative process, while other areas like marketing, pricing, budgeting and distribution are left badly neglected. Another area were many creatives need improvement is their own self-confidence when it comes to their products. Anna Sabino addresses all these problems and guides the reader to a better business process.

Anna Sabino starts with pushing the creative to the right path towards her dream life. I think probably the most important chapter of the book is the 6 th chapter: Following Your Passion vs. Providing What People Want. This is an issue that so many creatives struggle with, but it is also for the most the deciding factor between financial success and living as a starving artist.

As a creative professional you’re living off your ingenuity and the originality of your creations. But at the same time, it is good to understand that it is not enough if you love your product, someone else should do that too, for you to make sales. If you want to follow only your artist’s heart, you’ll need to accept that it might not pay the bills. The best option is if you find a way to combine your artistic ambitions with what people want.

Another very important and all too common occurrence is dealt with in the chapter 10: Creatives and Money: Profit and Pricing. As a creative professional it is quite difficult to put a price on one’s creations. Material costs are easy, but how to count in the work, the thinking, the trial and error process before arriving at the right design and so on. The audience adds another factor to the pricing as too low prices might work against your product. High price says good quality and attention to detail. Don’t be too modest!

Your Creative Career is a solid read for anyone wanting to take the step into a real creative career. Anna Sabino speaks from long experience of leading her own jewellery business at the Lucid New York. This means there’s no empty talk in this book.

The contents of the book give a good idea what’s in store for the reader:

  1. Designing Your Creative Career
  2. Your Humble Beginnings
  3. Exploring Creativity Within
  4. Transforming From Artist Into Creative Entrepreneur
  5. Making It! Product Business
  6. Following Your Passion vs. Providing What People Want
  7. Succeeding as an Entrepreneur
  8. Pressure of Growth
  9. The Comfort of Change
  10. Creatives and Money: Profit and Pricing
  11. Spreading the Word and Developing Your Brand
  12. Mindful Creative