Marie Phillips has taken a look at the inner depths of the fears and desires of the ancient Greek gods of Olympus and created a hilarious tale of how to readjust to the ever-changing world. As the human kind has moved on believing in new gods, Zeus and his descendants are losing their powers. The moral in the new godly residence drops in par with the level of hygiene.

Greek Goddess Artemis

Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting and chastity.

Gods Behaving Badly
Marie Phillips
4/5 stars

What is not forgotten however, is the ability to intrigue and scheme. Afrodite plans a plot to get Apollo off his rails and succeeds dangerously well. What she doesn’t take into the count is the human impact and her own family members’ input. As the world is going under, Artemis and two quite ordinary human heroes can still change the course of destruction.

Gods Behaving Badly is in essence Percy Jackson for adult readers. Humans and gods have to deal with each other in order to survive. Both sides have their deficiencies and strengths, but they are also quite irreplaceable for each other.

Marie Phillips has found the core of each of the gods, creating a group of gods more human than the humans of the story. With all their faults and aspirations, the gods steal the readers heart. These divinities might be high and mighty, but they are also petty and insecure. The eternal life they have is showing its downsides and they need a mortal to show how to pull through and find the spark again.