Sheets by Brenna Thummler is a bitter sweet story of a girl, Marjorie, who’s lost her mother and tries to cope with life in a new situation. She’ll get some help from Wendell, a ghost, who’s also feeling a bit out of place in the after-life.


Brenna Thummler
4/5 stars

Marjorie faces a tremendous burden as all the pieces of her life seem to be against her. She tries to keep up the family business (a laundromat) while her father is so succumbed by grief that he is not able to function. Marjorie has no friends at school, on the contrary she is bullied. And finally, even a crooked businessman on the verge of a bankruptcy tries to swindle her family’s last property. As a cherry to top all this, Wendell the ghost comes along, and cause even more trouble to Marjorie.

Wendell is in a turning point himself, he is dead, but he hasn’t quite accepted his fate yet. It seems difficult to adapt to the world of the ghosts. It is not the first time when Marjorie’s and Wendell’s paths cross, as they discover later. In the first occasion it was a happy meeting for the two of them, and even now they’ll find solace after the first hick-ups.

This is a charming graphic novel, dealing quite elegantly such a difficult subject as losing a parent. The Illustrations are soft and dreamy and accentuate nicely the story. It would’ve done a world for the story to develop the connection between Marjorie and Wendell a bit more.