Richard Marazano’s and Luo Yin’s The Dream of the Butterfly is a unique story. The first volume was dreamy and intriguing and I was looking forward to get to see the resolution of this mysterious tale. The second volume is equally mesmerizing with its superb illustrations.

The Dream of the Butterfly, part 2: Dreaming a Revolution
Richard Marazano & Luo Yin
4/5 stars 

The storyline has borrowed from the Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen and an ancient Chinese tale by Zhuangzi of a dream of a butterfly. This makes quite a combination. It might even seem a little too far fetched pair to fit into the same book, but Marazano pulls it through.

As the story evolves there are also some nightmarish qualities in it. This is not a story for the smallest of readers. The world Marazano and Yin have created is wonderful and carefully thought out to the finest detail. The animal characters are original, a bit anarchistic and decisively different from all the stereotypes.

The setting is a bit steam punkish giving the tale a nice flavour.

I loved the story, except the ending, on which I’m not as thrilled. I found the ending both unnecessary and populist. There could’ve been so many other possibilities of how to end this story, so why this?