Urban Arboreal by Michael Jordan is a wonderful treat for anyone loving trees. The book presents 70 tree species from all around the world, giving the typical areas of where each species lives. There is a one page presentation and a one page illustration for each tree species. The illustrations are art works on their own right. Text part also includes a small silhouette picture of a whole tree, which give a good idea of how it looks like in the nature.

urban arboreal arbutus unedo


Urban Arboreal
Michael Jordan
4/5 stars

The presentations of the tree species contain all the essential information and a few interesting facts or anecdotes on each species. They are both educating and entertaining. There are species which are familiar to all of us, but also those that are rare and perhaps new to even many tree enthusiasts.

urban arboreal quercus virginiana

The book itself is a treat to the eyes. Illustrations are real quality work and have a charming vintage feel. Trees are quite a special species on earth, as their lives differ so distinctly from all the other creatures. Trees have a lifespan which goes far beyond any mammals or even other plants. Their life is static, but far from boring. Without the ability to move, they are still able to survive the attacks of pests and diseases, the changes occurring in their living areas, losing of parts of their bodies.

No wonder many of the representatives of this large family have become iconic in their own home towns. And this is what Michael Jordan so wonderfully describes to the reader in his book of trees in cities – the Urban Arboreal.