This blog is all about new ideas for writing and visualization.

Writing has been my passion since I was seven years old. My studies led to a Master’s degree in Communication (Journalism & Organizational Communication). Now I’ve been working in journalism, editing, communication consulting and translating for over 15 years. It’s all been about words and stories and how to tell them to different audiences. Everybody has a story to tell and they’re all unique.

Besides words, images have never been far from me. I have been doodling, drawing, painting, illustrating and sculpting all my life. During the past 20 years a little bit more actively and seriously than before. My journey in visual arts has taken various paths. For ten years I was very active in arranging and participating in fine art exhibitions, first with API in Brussels, and later with HIAA in Helsinki – the latter one an artists’ association I founded with another artist. Nowadays my interest in visual arts focuses in comics/illustrations and all kinds of visuals used in digital media: infographics, memes, animation.

I like to combine the best of both worlds, in this case words & images. That’s why most posts in my blog deal with these two elements together. I’m always interested in learning new things and widening my perspectives. If you have ideas for collaboration, let’s get in touch!

Susan Wilander

swilander@hotmail.com / +358 400 510 457