Fear of Water



I’ve been drawing all my life and drawing comics most of my life. My stories are often born on the quirky oddities of everyday life, something funny or weird.

Fear of Water by Susan Wilander

Fear of Water came from the very uncomfortable feeling I’ve so often had swimming in the sea or a lake where the bottom is invisible. Although my reason tells me there’s nothing to worry, the monsters of the imagination create a force that seems to drag me under the surface…

Fear of Water under the surface by Susan Wilander

In Fear of Water this experience comes to a creature, who’s supposed to be at home in even the murkiest of waters. And the question really is, whether it is any safer on the dry land for him?

Fear of Water fish by Susan Wilander

This is my first Kindle e-comic. It was a pleasant surprise to create the e-comic with Kindle Comic Creator. It is easy to use and it offers plenty of options on how to build the e-comic. Fear of Water is available at Amazon.



Guy Delisle: Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City



Watching the news from the Middle East, it’s often very difficult to understand how the situation there is possible. It seems to escape all logic. Delisle brings light to that obscurity just by describing his personal experiences in Jerusalem during one year in his graphic novel. His smooth, but minimal line is ideal to this particular story. As the premises are so complex, the visual clarity establishes a harmony essential to understand the story he’s telling.

Jerusalem: the Holy City, Guy Delisle

Author: Guy Delisle
Publisher: WSOY 2012, Finland (the Finnish edition)
Category: Graphic novel
Original language: French
Rating: 5/5

HelMet Reading Challenge 2017: number 44. A book about a faith or religion.

Delisle moved to Jerusalem thanks to his spouse’s job – she went there to do administrative work for Médecines sans Frontiéres. Guy Delisle is the house dad taking care of the children and trying to spare some time to his own work, when the kids are at school. As he moves around the area in his everyday affairs and sometimes quite extraordinary trips with other expatriates or foreign aid workers, he presents a picture of a world balancing on a tightrope above a boiling kettle.

All the different religions, and fractions of those religions, political ideas, economic questions and human ambitions clash in that small arid patch of a land. It is a riddle impossible to solve, as its web has been woven too deep and too broad to even comprehend. The best that can ever be done is to find a compromise – something that all these differing views could live with and learn to tolerate.

Guy Delisle’s graphic novel is a crash course to the life in Israel hard to find anywhere else – unless you’re planning on staying in the country for at least one year.



J.P. Ahonen: Northern Overexposure – Lapsus



J.P. Ahonen: Northern Overexposure

J.P. Ahonen: Villimpi Pohjola – Lapsus (Northern Overexposure)

Author: J. P. Ahonen
Publisher: Arktinen Banaani, 2014, Finland
Category: Graphic novel
Original language: Finnish
Rating: 4/5

Graphic novel series Northern Overexposure/Villimpi Pohjola describes the lives of 8 main characters. In the book Lapsus the former students are well in their twenty somethings and serious relationships with babies are waddling into their lives.

J.P. Ahonen draws a hilarious picture of the everyday crises of us all and how to get past them, perhaps also how not to get past them. His line is round and friendly and the colours warm. But the sweet looks don’t stop him making spot on observations and being ruthlessly honest about his characters’ shortcomings.

The descriptions of the main characters give a perfect introduction to this world:

Minna (Opossum): Otto’s roommate, Anna’s best friend, and the ”mother” of Death (the cat). Planning a trip to London.

Anna (Milk brain): Single forever, pregnant to Rontti. Suspects she’s not the only one.

Rontti (the Papanova of the campus): Don Juan, who is currently trying to drop his reputation as a womanizer.

Ukko (the Dream Husband): Engaged to Muusa and a hopeless romantic, needs grand love confessions.

Muusa (Shakira): Redhead throwing herself in anything and everything, whose thesis has been pushed aside because of wedding plans. Fun fact: One of the worst comforters in the world.

Otto (Never lets go): A slack, who has put his act together and gotten his thesis into beta phase.

Juhani (Worthless vet): All the time more distant Juhani is called to help when the need is greatest.

Verneri (Neppuli): Childhood friend of Ukko. A sweet guy, but helpless with women.