John Polidori: The Vampire

  John Polidori (1795-1821) wrote one of the first modern vampire stories The Vampire, a tale of the bloodthirsty Lord Ruthven. It was first published in 1819, just three years before Polidori’s own death. This story is far from its current day contemporaries – the Vampire Diaries and Twilight exist in a whole different paranormal universe. […]

When your life changes overnight

  Maanalaiset (Undergrounders) One morning when Metuli wakes up, her whole life has turned upside down. Sanna Isto takes the reader to an adventure of her life in the intriguing sceneries and underground tunnels of the bastion of Suomenlinna. Author: Sanna Isto Illustrations: Sami Saramäki Publisher: WSOY, Finland 2016 Category: Middle grade, magic realism/fantasy Original language: Finnish […]