Want to Publish Books from Finland? You’re in for a Treat!

  Finnish literature is taking a big step forward in the international publishing scene. There are several new authors, who’ve signed plenty of foreign rights deals, even movie options have been sold to Hollywood. This is quite an achievement from such a small language and such a different publishing market from many other countries. FILI […]

When your life changes overnight

  Maanalaiset (Undergrounders) One morning when Metuli wakes up, her whole life has turned upside down. Sanna Isto takes the reader to an adventure of her life in the intriguing sceneries and underground tunnels of the bastion of Suomenlinna. Author: Sanna Isto Illustrations: Sami Saramäki Publisher: WSOY, Finland 2016 Category: Middle grade, magic realism/fantasy Original language: Finnish […]