What if you had the power to rewrite your life? Willow “Willy” Sparks gets that power and has finally a way to escape her nerdy high school existence and become one of the popular girls. But is it really worth it?

Tara O’Connor has cooked up a graphic novel for all the nerdy bookworms. Willy is a timid girl, working after school at the local library and spending more time with books than with people. She has a best friend, Georgia, to share the misery with, but when she is bullied by the popular click of her school and ends up finding the secret department of the library, there’s no stopping her. There is a book with her name on it on the shelf and it is begging her to rewrite her life on its pages. Willy turns a new page in her life and soon she discovers the perks of being in control.

But the more she writes in the book, the clearer it is that there’s a price to pay. Willy is quickly in trouble up to her eyebrows and there’s just one person who can help her – the librarian Mr. Ages. He’s not quite the ordinary librarian though, he has a very special responsibility in keeping the books in the secret department in order – the books on lives of all the people in the area.

The Altered History of Willow Sparks plays on the tempting theme of what if we could rewrite our lives – have them the way we want. Would it be the dream come true, or is it better to take the life as it comes – with its ups and downs?

Tara O’Connor has a very pleasant drawing style and the blueish grey-black-white colour scheme works perfectly with the story. O’Connor’s lines are fluid and alive and her characters’ expressions speak volumes.