Tamara Laporte: Create Your Life Book

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Tamara Laporte Create Your Life Book

The cover of this book caught my attention immediately. I guess the style and colours spoke to me in that moment and thus, it was just what I needed at the moment. Visual arts have been a major part of my life as long as I can remember, but a few years ago I had reached a kind of saturation point. I dropped everything related to visual arts. Now I’m taking small steps to get back going and this book is a wonderful tool to wake up the creative fluids in me that have been dormant.

Tamara Laporte has been carrying out online Life Book courses for years, which are extremely popular. After reading her book I don’t wonder. She has created a collection of creative exercises that at the same time inspire you artistically and address any challenging issues you might be going through in your life. Working through this book will help you open up to new possibilities both in art, if that’s your desire, or just in everyday life, in any field of activity.

As an artist I’m always immensely interested in seeing how other artists work. For me this was a major bonus in this book. It shows in detail with photos and explanatory texts how the art works of the book where created and at the same time describes the mental process connected to them, which helps the reader to release her creative potential.

There are several guest artists featured in the book too. All of their art works are visually compatible though, which makes the book aesthetically pleasing and just a very beautiful book to read.

Create Your Life Book will absolutely go to my Bookworm’s Wishlist.