Alan Bradley: Flavia de Luce series and a bit of Nordic Mystery Classics

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Yes, it’s been awhile now without a new Flavia de Luce, but the next installment of the mysteries solved by this intelligent and original young lady created by Alan Bradley should hit the stores in January 2018: The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place. While waiting for that, it’s good to reread the previous novels.

Alan Bradley Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d said Shakespeare and that’s also the most recent Flavia de Luce novel available. And fitting to the season, it is a Christmas mystery.

There are now eight books in the series, which the author Alan Bradley has said to include ten parts in total. We’re getting close to the end in other words. I love the character of Flavia. She’s something else in the world of murder mysteries and her character reminds me of my own daughter – right to the fascination with chemistry. (Although not with murders, obviously! 😉)

Flavia is also a good example of the more intellectual detective novels compared with the trend in this genre, that thrives on more and more sinister criminals and problematic detectives. I have to admit, I’m into the Christie style mysteries that challenge the little grey cells of the reader. Other personal favourites include Maria Lang’s old school detective novels situated in the idyllic 1950’ and 60’ Sweden.