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Katja Krekelä’s middle grade fantasy series started with the Wild Castle and continues in the second novel Spark. Krekelä’s books are Rowling-type magical fantasy with a young MC, who is in the beginning unaware of her magical skills and magic in general.

Katja Krekelä
Katja Krekelä being interviewed at the Helsinki Book Fair on the 26th October 2017.

Katja Krekelä says the stories write themselves. She doesn’t plan to write fantasy. When she first started writing novels, the stories just came out as fantasy.

The MC Venkura came to the Wild Castle from quite another story. When Krekelä started to imagine the story of the Wild Castle, which is like a character on its own, Venkura just made her way into it. Krekelä says she knew it was going to be a story that needed several novels to be told, so she didn’t polish Venkura too much, but left her room to grow during the entire series.

Venkura’s antagonist is Kumara, a character who wants to forbid magic. In the beginning the two clash, but as the events unfold, they come closer to each other.

For Krekelä names are essential. She collects names in a list whenever the inspiration strikes and uses them when she needs a name for a new character.

Katja Krekelä tells she invested a lot of time to the planning of the nature of magic used in the Wild Castle. She wanted it to be material, so that the corners of the castle could burst magic, but on the other hand she wanted, that it would take effort to learn how to use magic.

Spark is a magical book that comes about in the second part of the series. In a bookstore it glows and talks. Venkura is so adamant to get her hands on it, she ends up stealing the book.

Krekelä says that magic can be used for good or evil in her books. Magic is alive. In the books magic is a metaphor for talent, and a person has to learn how to use it for the benefit of others.

Katja Krekelä tells that Agapus Nakka is a very dear character to her and also a very contradictory one. Krekelä admires the illustrations made by Riitta Jäntti for the Wild Castle series. They manage to depict the world and characters created by Krekelä just perfectly.

Krekelä’s series the Wild Castle is sure to go to my Bookworm’s Wishlist for the Santa! 🙂