When I noticed there’s a book on Harry Potter collectibles in the NetGalley, I really didn’t need to think twice to download it for a review. And I wasn’t disappointed. Eric Bradley: The Unofficial Guide to the Collectibles of Our Favourite Wizard, Harry Potter is a profound and interesting read to anyone interested in the Potter phenomenon.

For potterheads there are no limits to what they will pay for the memorabilia connected to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. At least that’s how it seems after reading Eric Bradley’s book on the topic. He presents impressive statistics of the sums that different Harry Potter items have collected in auctions around the world.

Harry Potter Collectibles

Author: Eric Bradley
Publisher: F+W Media Inc. 2017
Original language: English
Rating: 4/5

Did you know that J. K. Rowling’s chair, on which she used to sit and wrote the two first books of the series, was sold for staggering 394 000 US dollars in an auction? I would call that buyer a dedicated fan. Bradley goes through very thoroughly all the different collectibles from books to posters, from movie props to merchandise and doesn’t even forget the DIY and crafts by the fandom. The latter phenomenon has exploded within the Potterworld and presents perhaps the most interesting part of the collectibles.

As is familiar from the fandom of Game of Thrones, the interest doesn’t limit itself to the actual HP items. All vintage and antique looking objects having some magical air around them are potential HP collectibles. This brings hope for those of us not able to compete with the auction prices rising up to hundreds of thousands. A wonderful HP spirited item can be waiting for you in the nearest second-hand store right now!

But there is also a wealth of other affordable choices that bring the smile on the face of any potterhead. Check out the Warner Bro’s store, Amazon and Etsy for starters and you’ll be sure to find some stock fillers for the HP fan in your house. Here are some of my favourites I’ll be including in my Bookworm’s Wishlist for Santa:

Read all about the collectibles yourself: