El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias: The Ghost of Gaudi

The Ghost of Gaudi


I love Gaudi’s work, so this graphic novel was a treat to me. El Torres has created an intriguing mystery around Gaudi’s work and Jesús Alonso Iglesias does an excellent job illustrating the world of the story and Gaudi.

Ghost of Gaudi

Author: El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors, Lion Forge 2017
Category: Graphic novel
Original language: Spanish
Rating: 4/5

Chief inspector Skinner has a tough case to solve: people are being brutally murdered in the famous Gaudi buildings, seemingly without any connection. And how is Antonia, a cashier from a local supermarket connected to all this? She claims to have seen the ghost of Gaudi himself. Skinner digs deep into the case and through several twists and turns the real culprit is revealed. But will Skinner come in time to save Antonia?

Well, there were some a tad bit clichéd plot points in the story, otherwise it was interesting and a page turner. Iglesias uses Gaudi’s form language perfectly in his frame design and recreates the Gaudi buildings with detailed precision. His drawing style is excellent for this story with its partly realistic, partly caricature-like characters. The atmosphere of Barcelona is evident in the drawings and made me long for a return visit to the beautiful town!

There is a bonus section in the end of the novel with sketches and making-of explanations which add nicely to the novel and are very interesting.



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