Dana Simpson: Phoebe and her Unicorn in the Magic Storm

The Magic Storm


Electricity is quite magical, no wonder thunderstorms were imagined to be the workings of the gods in the old days. Dana Simpson has taken a new look into the natural phenomenon of electricity and turned it into magic in her graphic novel.

Phoebe and her Unicorn

Author: Dana Simpson
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing 2017
Category: Graphic novel
Original language: English
Rating: 3/5

Phoebe is a young girl, who has a unicorn as a friend. When an icy storm is getting closer to their hometown, they discover there’s more to it than just extreme weather. Marigold, the unicorn, senses that the ambient magic is disappearing. Phoebe’s bullying schoolmate Dakota has employed some goblins to elevate her status. But this time Dakota is not behind the icy coldness, there are bigger powers involved…

Dana Simpson has a very clear drawing style, which suits this story well. Despite the magical ingredients, it is very down to earth and addresses problems familiar to the segment group of middle graders. This is definitely an educational graphic novel, but not at all preachy. The facts have been listed separately in the back, which is a good solution. And there are plenty of fun, ironic moments in the story, easily recognizable to most of us.



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