Minna Ovaskainen & Viljami Ovaskainen: Pets – the Big Pet Book



If it was up to me, I’d have a house full of animals. And quite full it is already. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming about new pets. Pets is a beautiful and profound guidebook to drool over fantastic photos of animals and in the process learn all the ins and outs of the common household pets and even some less common ones. I was very happy to find chinchillas, iguanas, alpacas and ducks all presented in the same book along with dozens of other animals big and small.

Lemmikit - suuri lemmikki- ja kotieläinkirja

Author: Minna Ovaskainen & Viljami Ovaskainen
Publisher: readme.fi 2017
Category: Non-Fiction
Original language: Finnish
Rating: 4/5

One thing is absolutely essential in a book like this and that’s obviously the illustration. Pets handles this with flying colours. The photos are excellent, beautiful and informative. Viljami Ovaskainen has made the layout of the book and has done it perfectly. These kinds of guidebooks are often the works of large international publishing houses, translations sold all over the world. This book has been authored (and even designed) by two Finnish writers. Quite a feat and an excellent result!

The vast photo material has been collected from numerous sources and no doubt has taken at least the same amount of time as the writing process itself. Illustrations and the amount of work they require are often overlooked in a book, but they certainly shouldn’t be. This book is elegant and attractive and presents each one of the species to its best.

Minna and Viljami Ovaskainen live in the countryside in the Eastern Finland. Viljami Ovaskainen works as a freelance graphic designer and has written and designed several guidebooks on nature subjects before. This background is evident in the Pets.

Anyone who loves animals would love this book – to find necessary information or just to enjoy the photos.



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