Katariina Vuori & Veera Vuori: Flower Food



Fairies eat flowers, but you can do it too! Surprisingly many common flowers are edible, and not only edible but delicious. Flower Food presents 104 edible flowers, which you can use to spice up your salads, pasta sauces and drinks. Flowers are beautiful, and so is this book. It breaths the summer and all the fragrances lingering in the garden on a sunny afternoon.


Author: Katariina Vuori & Veera Vuori
Publisher: Like 2016
Category: Non-Fiction
Original language: Finnish
Rating: 5/5

People have probably eaten flowers as long as our history goes. There have been periods when they’ve been more popular and now we seem to have entered an era of flower food again. All top-notch restaurants have edible flowers on their plates, even edible moss.

Flower Food

The recipes in the book are clever, but easy to follow through and look amazing. If there is a book, that one needs to really feel in her hands, this is it. Just browsing through the pages makes you happy and longing for the next flowery meal.

Flower Food also reminded me about the importance of the visual effect in food. We don’t eat just because of the taste, but also because the food looks desirable. Flower Food gives an image of a light and joyful way of treating the taste buds – so different from some previous guidebooks on the subject.

Flower sandwiches

I’m happy reminiscing the summer days with this book, dreaming about the next summer and the delights my garden will provide me with.


Photos taken of the book pages.


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