Christine Hatt: Clothes of the Medieval World



Medieval times are often considered the dark ages of the western world. However, the people of that period were not as different from us as we’d often liked to think.

Clothes of the Medieval World

Author: Christine Hatt, illustrated by Danuta Mayer
Publisher: Belitha Press Limited 2001, UK
Category: Non-fiction
Original language: English
Rating: 4/5

It was the era when increasing trade, travel and new inventions made possible to have personal possessions in a way that had not been available to most people before. Clothes and accessories became a way to show status and differentiate between classes. Danuta Mayer has made excellent illustrations for Christine Hatt’s book in a true medieval style.

Clothes of the Medieval World presents the fashions of the time around the world with a timeline running on top of the pages. It walks the reader through the Byzantine Empire, the Franks and Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings into the Europe in different centuries, the Knights and the Islamic World, China, Japan, Africa, Incas and Aztecs. In addition, the book introduces the reader to medieval materials and accessories.

Christine Hatt’s book is an excellent introduction to the clothes and fashions of the medieval period. It is bound to inspire further reading and probably also trying a hand at recreating some of the clothes or accessories, like Viking shoes or an Inca necklace.

Some of the wears would take a bit more imagination to recreate in modern times. The Aztec emperor’s headdress with quetzal’s tail feathers is exquisite, but challenging to recreate. And I would imagine my pet chinchillas wouldn’t like to be sheared to produce an Inca cloak.


Clothes of the Medieval World:


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