Anna Magee: 10 Minute Yoga



I’d like to practice yoga every day, but somehow life gets in the way most days. 10 Minute Yoga brings relief to this problem. Anna Magee’s clear and well-illustrated book has suggestions for short term yoga practice for every day that is still effective.

Anna Magee: 10 Minute Yoga

Author: Anna Magee
Publisher: 2015, Finland (the Finnish edition)
Category: Non-fiction
Original language: English
Rating: 4/5

Helmet Reading Challenge 2017, number 29: A book’s main character can do something you’d like to learn.

Anna Magee shows a warm up series and yoga exercises to tone up different parts of the body or to relax a stressed body and mind. All the exercises are clearly explained and illustrated with excellent photographs. Magee provides the reader with a 28-day exercise program to go through all parts of the body.

I loved the Yoga Girl’s book, which was a very different kind of yoga book from this one. It was a lifestyle book, as this one is clearly instructional book. Both have their virtues, but Anna Magee’s book is definitely something I will be using for my daily yoga exercises from now on.

Besides the exercises it has separate sections for essential equipment, like yoga mat, blocks and belt and dietary tips, plus a profound explanation on the benefits of yoga to your body.


10 Minute Yoga:

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