Lumi Karmitsa: Villit vanttuut & vallattomat villasukat (Mad Mittens & Sportive Socks)



If you thought you need to have a decade of knitting experience to write a knitting book, think again. Lumi Karmitsa has after just a couple of years’ knitting boldly gone and designed her own patterns – and oh boy, aren’t they cute!

If you’d like to make socks and mittens with wildly different patterns from the same old same old, this book is definitely for you. And once you’ve finished knitting all these 18 patterns, there’ll be a new book from Karmitsa coming out this autumn: Villit vanttuut & vallattomat lapaset 2.

Lumi Karmitsa: Villit vanttuut ja vallattomat villasukat

Author: Lumi Karmitsa
Publisher: Moreeni 2016
Category: non-fiction
Original language: Finnish
Rating: 3/5

In Finland Lumi Karmitsa’s book has been a big success and she’s very active in both social media and Ravelry. The patterns are only available in the book and the book only in Finnish (so far – ask your local publisher to translate it!), but the pattern charts are very clear.

Part of the attraction is her no stress attitude – she tells in the epilogue of her book that when she made her first fairisle knits, she didn’t even realize there’d be something to fret about, she just started knitting. This attitude is pervasive to her whole book and patterns. Boundaries are made to be broken! Lumi Karmitsa has made patterns she obviously loves and let her imagination run wild.

I got the same feeling from her book as from Rachel Brathen’s Yoga Girl. In some way, these two actions are perhaps more similar than one would think at first sight. Yoga and knitting can both be very relaxing and meditative. And these two young women have both boldly done what they wanted, fearlessly and happily.

My personal favourites among the patterns are the Giraffe mittens and the Smiling Skull socks, but the Horrible Christmas socks come in close too.


Ravelry: Lumi Karmitsa 

Facebook: Lumi Karmitsa

Realizations of her designs in Pinterest


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