Lars-Henrik Olsen: Dyr & Spor / Which Animal?



Have you ever wanted to know which animal left that pile of poop on your back garden? After reading this book, you’ll know! And many, many other things too.

Lars-Henrik Olsen: Which Animal

Author: Lars-Henrik Olsen
Publisher: WSOY 2012, Finland (the Finnish edition)
Category: non-fiction
Original language: Danish
Rating: 4/5

Lars-Henrik Olsen has put together a book on common European wildlife which is the best I’ve ever seen. It shows you the foot prints and traces of animals, how their poop or vomit balls look like, how they eat and where they sleep. The viewpoint is that of the ordinary mr Smith, who’s out in the backyard or even a little further down in the forest and sees that something’s clearly been around, but what?

Olsen shows in the most interesting way, how you can succeed in finding wildlife in your surroundings by knowing where to look and for what signs. The book is incredibly practical, easy to read, divided into sections of different animals and groups of animals and behavior types and what you can make out of those.

There must be hundreds of pictures in this book, both photos and drawings, which illustrate perfectly the topics discussed in the text. Yet, it’s not too big or cumbersome to take with you when you’re actually out there exploring.

Warmly recommended!


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