Rachel Brathen: Yoga Girl



Yoga, life in the Aruba, a gorgeous husband and what else do you need? Rachel Brathen’s book is about yoga, but also about her life’s story. And strangely enough this combination works. Brathen has a rough history, which she shares openly and shows how yoga and meditation has helped her come to terms with her chaotic childhood and teenage years.

Rahel Brathen: Yoga Girl

Author: Rachel Brathen
Publisher: Atena 2016, Finland (the Finnish edition)
Category: non-fiction
Original language: English
Rating: 4/5

Yoga Girl has beautiful visual content. If you didn’t like yoga before, after reading this book you’re sold! Besides yoga instructions and Brathen’s story, the book contains delicious health food recipes and tips on how to improve your life: “If you want love, love. If you want to be forgiven, forgive”.

Rachel Brathen is before anything else a social media phenomenon. She has 2,1 million followers on Instagram and even her dog has own Instagram account and plenty of followers. So, what makes her different from all the other yogis out there?

I checked through few other yogis on Instagram for comparison and here’s my pick on three reasons for Rachel Brathen’s success:

  • Beautiful pictures and setting. It’s easy to take amazing photos in a place like Aruba, but still – she clearly puts an effort into them.
  • Her pictures tell a story of a person and a life. It’s not just yoga poses, or pretty scenery – its personal.
  • She’s not perfect. Like a good character in a novel, she has flaws that make her more human, easier to relate to. Like one blogger said about her book: “It makes you believe everything is possible, no matter what your background is”.

So, be inspired! If the Yoga Girl can do it, you can too!



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