Who doesn’t love dragons? Long gone are the days when dragons were something to slay and the brave knights in their shining armors saved innocent princesses from those slimy beasts. Or that’s what one might think.

Julie Kagawa has a different idea. She has created a world, where dragons are still to be slayed – by the dragon slayers – but the reptiles (?) have learned to hide in full sight transforming into human form. Now, put together a fiery, beautiful dragon girl and a brave, righteous slayer boy and see what happens. Trouble happens, that’s for sure!

Julie Kagawa Talon Saga

Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harper Collins Nordic 2016, Finland (the Finnish edition)
Category: Fantasy
Original language: English
Rating: 4/5

HelMet Reading Challenge 2017: number 40. A book by a writer who comes from a different (from yours) culture.

Ember and Dante Hill are dragon hatchlings, who have grown up as twins – the only sister and brother known to dragons, who usually lay just one egg. Their first 16 years of life have gone into intensive training to make them ready to infiltrate the human society, in the human form. As dragons they live far longer than humans and consider themselves to be way above the human race. When Ember and Dante are positioned to Crescent Beach, California, Ember is sworn to enjoy her teen experience to the full.

Soon after Garret Xavier Sebastian, a valiant dragon slayer of the Order of St. George is also sent to same town to find out the new infiltrator and – to slay her. Garret has a grudge with dragons, as his parents were killed by one and he has spent all his 17 years training to become a perfect soldier for the Order.

But when Ember and Garret meet, it’s instant attraction and they both need to rethink what they want from their life and find out who they are dealing with. To mix up the scene, a rogue dragon Riley appears and Ember finds out she’s not completely indifferent to the call of the dragons either.

Julie Kagawa has created an enthralling world with dragons and knows perfectly how to move the story. The triangle drama is unpredictable, but I’m intrigued to see how it proceeds in the sequels. Ember has a dual mind after all, the one of the human, but also the one of the dragon.



“Talon Saga

A long time ago, the Order of St George succeeded in slaying almost all dragons. The ones that survived, hid themselves as humans and have ever since lived among the people.

Ember and Dante Hill have grown up as twins in a secret institution of Talon. They have been trained to infiltrate to the human society and their final test is to take place in Crescent Beach. This is the town where Garret Xavier Sebastian, a young but experienced dragon slayer from the Order of St George is sent too. His job is to eliminate possible Talon agents. But first he has to make sure that they really are dragons, which is not so simple regarding Ember Hill. Ember’s courage, confidence and will mess up Garret’s world. How much is he willing to compromise while finding out the truth about dragons?”

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