I’m in love with a Spanish tv-series  in which two male actors travel in different parts of the country tasting the local delicacies and talking with people. It’s adorable and bubbly and so very humane. And when I read Laura Gallego Garcia’s novel Resistance I had the same feeling. This is certainly not your everyday Anglo-Saxon fantasy series. It’s quirky, it’s naive, it’s frank and somehow it feels sweet and nostalgic…

Laura Gallego Garcia: Resistance

Author: Laura Gallego Garcia
Publisher: Bazar kustannus 2010, Finland (the Finnish edition)
Category: Fantasy
Original language: Spanish
Rating: 4/5

HelMet Reading Challenge 2017: number 31. A fantasy book.

Gallego Garcia begins with a very traditional fantasy setting – Victoria and Jack are thrown into a strange new world they didn’t know existed and they don’t know what their part in it will be. They seek support from each other and try to find their way to some answers while fighting the adversaries. This would be a very ordinary story, if it wasn’t for the way Gallego Garcia presents it to us.

Her writing is fresh and unpretentious. First I was a bit taken aback by the appearance of naivety of the writing, but as I continued it took a hold on me. Gallego Garcia started writing the series Chronicles of Idhun when she was 15 years old. This base is evident in the novel. It gives an authentic voice to its teenage main characters in a way that is often lacking in YA fiction/fantasy. It is direct and honest in its story, without clever references to the genre or ironic characters and it’s very refreshing to read because of that.

I will certainly follow Victoria, Jack and Kirtash/Christian through their journey to Idhun in the following parts of the series.


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The peace of the magical Idhun planet was broken, when wizard Ashran Nekromanti ceased power. The new ruler killed his opponents and the dragons and unicorns of the planet. Some of the Idhunians escaped his rule to the Earth, but wizards minions are always after them. A small and persevering resistance tries to gather Idhunians hiding on the Earth together to reconquer their home planet.

The core of the resistance includes Alsan, the warrior prince fled from Idhun and wizard Shail, but there are also two children of the Earth: mysterious school girl Victoria, who studies magic with Shail and confused 13-year-old Jack, who wants to find out why Ashran’s minions killed his parents.”

“Laura Gallego Garcia (born 1977 in Valencia, Spain) is an extremely popular author in her home country Spain, often called “the Spanish J.K. Rowling”. She has written since she was 11 and published about 20 books. She started to write Idhun’s Chronics when she was 15. Gallego Garcia has won the esteemed Barco de Vapor literature award twice. She is finishing her doctoral thesis on Spanish filology.”

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