Henriikka Rönkkönen: Mielikuvituspoikaystävä (An Imaginary Boyfriend)



Everything you wanted to know about singles and a lot more you never wanted to know. This is the promise given in the book’s back blurb and it’s right to the point. Would it be ok to say, that after reading the novel, I don’t wonder the narrator is single? 😉 Because it’s all tongue-in-the-cheek humour, I’m brave enough to utter those words. Henriikka Rönkkönen doesn’t shy away from calling things by their correct names and most often she chooses the least flattering name.

Henriikka Rönkkönen: Mielikuvituspoikaystävä

Author: Henriikka Rönkkönen
Publisher: Atena 2016, Finland
Category: Fiction
Original language: Finnish
Rating: 4/5

HelMet Reading Challenge 2017: number 45. A book about a Finnish woman.

The novel takes the reader through the growth process of a young woman rising from the ruins of a long relationship – albeit not a very good relationship. It includes all the single-life’s tropes from obsessive collecting of one-night-stands to stalking, dildos, mr. right ones and the question of what love really is, but in a non-nonsense way.

Rönkkönen’s language is raw and to the point, as is her story. There’s not much glamour or romance in this novel, rather mental sleet from the perpetual chase after happiness – perceived or real. All mr. rights turn out to be mr. wrongs, takeoffs meant to be life-changing crash land to the realization that the main culprit – herself – will always follow.

Rönkkönen does all this with staggering frankness and relentless sense of humour. I laughed out loud many times reading this book. It has been written to provoke and that’s what it does. The chaotic fictional memoirs by Rönkkönen remind us that a romantic relationship is after all a very simple and complex occurrence at the same time. You can’t do it alone.



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