Let it snow



Let it snow

Snow, Christmas and romance. The perfect combo, don’t you think? Let it snow plays its cards to full. John Green presents the reader with the “best mates into lovers” recipe, Maureen Johnson goes for the “meet your soulmate when you least expect it” formula and Lauren Myracle tells about the difficulty of transitioning from the want of being loved to loving someone.

Let it snow in Read, Write and Publish by Susan Wilander

The themes are old and well worn, but the execution is sweet and fits perfectly in a Christmas story. After all, this is the kind of book you’ll start reading seeing the happy end in your mind. No wonder there’s a movie coming – this is a sure-fire December blockbuster.

Maureen Johnson: The Jubilee Express

In the first story Jubilee thinks she has the perfect boyfriend until life throws her into a snowy chaos and her boyfriend couldn’t care less. Even then it is hard to admit the facts a gorgeous outsider called Stuart so eagerly presents to her… Especially as his mother seems to be overly enthusiastic to get his son dating again.

Maureen Johnson combines humour, incredulous incidents and romance in a way that sucks the reader into the world she’s created. However, to me as a person grown and lived most of my life in the northern coldness, the main characters’ habit of wrapping plastic bags as a cover for snowstorm is somewhat absurd. That would effectively freeze them to death – especially after getting themselves soaking wet in below freezing temperatures…

John Green: A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle

John Green presents a trio so familiar to his style: two boys and a girl, who’s really one of the boys. It’s clear from the beginning where this story is going. Maybe Green’s talent as a writer becomes even more evident in the fact that this doesn’t reduce the appeal of the story one little bit? Tobin and the Duke find the courage to tell each other about their feelings after a crazy run-around in the snowstorm.

Lauren Myracle: The Patron Saint of Pigs

Addie seems to have a completely different problem from the previous stories. She’s ended her relationship with Jeb due to her own mishap after a pointless argument. Addie’s life seems to revolve around her own navel, until an unexpected Christmas Angel pushes her to face her problems in a completely new way. Addie learns something about herself and when she finally gets a chance to patch things up with Jeb, she’s better prepared.

Gabriel the-teacup-pig has a large part in the last story – a nice touch after the not-so-perfect boyfriend Noah in the first story hangs up with Jubilee in order to carry a huge ham to Christmas smorgasbord…



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