My Boyfriend is a Bear by Pamela Ribon & Cat Farris

My Boyfirend is a Bear


Nora is 28, lives in a one bedroom apartment in LA and has a 500 pound American brown bear as a boyfriend. Yep, this graphic novel is delightfully weird, but also surprisingly relatable. Pamela Ribon has created a story that examines the weird and wonderful quirks of human relationships through the unexpected union of a young woman and a bear.

Nora has gone through a series of bad relationships – she presents a gallery of douchebags she used to date – and then she meets the bear. Surprisingly the bear is probably the best boyfriend she’s ever had. Complications come with other people who doubt this relationship can last or be good for Nora. But the real challenge is winter. The bear is – obviously – going to spend the winter hibernating. How is Nora to survive this break in the relationship and will the bear return?

Cat Farris has put all this into beautiful pictures. She draws clear lines that illustrate effortlessly all the emotions Nora is going through. Farris has a clear and cartoony style which suits perfectly to the story and also works to give it a certain humorous element. A brilliant decision, as this kind of theme could easily turn incredibly weird and uncomfortable with a different kind of illustration style.



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