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Erika Vik: Twin Suns trilogy

  Erika Vik’s Twin Suns trilogy has gained instant success in Finland after its publication. The first part is called The Girl Without a Name and the second part, which was just published is called The Seer of Selesia. This… Continue Reading →

Marjorie Reynolds: Take Your Novel to the Next Level

  Writing a novel is not an easy job. Marjorie Reynolds tackles one by one all the major stumbling blocks that might come in the way of you and your first novel. What seems to be closest to her heart… Continue Reading →

Fear of Water

  I’ve been drawing all my life and drawing comics most of my life. My stories are often born on the quirky oddities of everyday life, something funny or weird. Fear of Water came from the very uncomfortable feeling I’ve… Continue Reading →

ABC of the Perfect Article

  The story of all stories, the one that will give you the Pulitzer prize? Or just make an editor buy your idea? Get the ABC of the perfect article. A – Amazing Idea It’s as simple as that. A perfect story… Continue Reading →

Want a Well-Educated Nation? Copy the Finnish Public Library System!

  How come a tiny country in the Northern Europe has managed to produce so well-educated citizens with such high literacy rate? The education system has its advantages, but I’d say there’s one more secret weapon, which is too often… Continue Reading →

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