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Finnish Literature

Katariina Vuori & Veera Vuori: Flower Food

  Fairies eat flowers, but you can do it too! Surprisingly many common flowers are edible, and not only edible but delicious. Flower Food presents 104 edible flowers, which you can use to spice up your salads, pasta sauces and drinks…. Continue Reading →

Minna Ovaskainen & Viljami Ovaskainen: Pets – the Big Pet Book

  If it was up to me, I’d have a house full of animals. And quite full it is already. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming about new pets. Pets is a beautiful and profound guidebook to drool over fantastic… Continue Reading →

Fear of Water

  I’ve been drawing all my life and drawing comics most of my life. My stories are often born on the quirky oddities of everyday life, something funny or weird. Fear of Water came from the very uncomfortable feeling I’ve… Continue Reading →

Riina Paasonen: All that we lost / Kaikki minkä menetimme

  Last year I read Tommi Kinnunen’s Where Four Roads Meet. It was popular in Finland like it’s spin-off Lopotti, and quite predictably they were both full of agony and non-communicating, hapless characters… Well, well. Now I got Riina Paasonen’s All that we… Continue Reading →

Siri Kolu: After the summer everything will be different

  Peetu is a boy, who was born into a girl’s body. It has been clear to him from as long as he can remember. Now it is the last summer before the operation, when he finally becomes the person… Continue Reading →

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