Federico Rossi Edrig: The Scarecrow Princess

The Scarecrow Princess

  Looking for something for the Halloween? The Scarecrow Princess would be a perfect fit! Federico Rossi Edrig has created a teen horror graphic novel which has an excellent graphic style, perfectly suited to the harrowing story and the snappy main character. Author: Federico Rossi Edrig Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors, Lion Forge 2017 Category:  Teen/YA Graphic novel […]

El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias: The Ghost of Gaudi

The Ghost of Gaudi

  I love Gaudi’s work, so this graphic novel was a treat to me. El Torres has created an intriguing mystery around Gaudi’s work and Jesús Alonso Iglesias does an excellent job illustrating the world of the story and Gaudi. Author: El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors, Lion Forge 2017 Category: Graphic novel Original […]

Dana Simpson: Phoebe and her Unicorn in the Magic Storm

The Magic Storm

  Electricity is quite magical, no wonder thunderstorms were imagined to be the workings of the gods in the old days. Dana Simpson has taken a new look into the natural phenomenon of electricity and turned it into magic in her graphic novel. Author: Dana Simpson Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing 2017 Category: Graphic novel Original language: English Rating: 3/5 Phoebe […]

Digital Stories – the New Normal in the Text Book Publishing

  Today’s children are called diginatives for a good reason. However, it’s taken some time for the text book publishers and schools alike to jump on the wagon. The Finnish Illustration Association organized a seminar on 8th September, the International Literacy Day, to tackle the subject of digital stories and what they mean to the illustrators. AR […]