Magdalena Hai: Beggar Princess/Kerjäläisprinsessa

The Beggar Princess

  I love Magdalena Hai (=Shark)! Her short story collection Smelly Hand was extraordinarily surprising and the Beggar Princess is just beautiful. This is an unorthodox MG novel with a strong girl MC and her best friend boy, both with well-rounded characters and a story line that just sweeps you along to the adventure. The steampunk […]

Federico Rossi Edrig: The Scarecrow Princess

The Scarecrow Princess

  Looking for something for the Halloween? The Scarecrow Princess would be a perfect fit! Federico Rossi Edrig has created a teen horror graphic novel which has an excellent graphic style, perfectly suited to the harrowing story and the snappy main character. Author: Federico Rossi Edrig Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors, Lion Forge 2017 Category:  Teen/YA Graphic novel […]

El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias: The Ghost of Gaudi

The Ghost of Gaudi

  I love Gaudi’s work, so this graphic novel was a treat to me. El Torres has created an intriguing mystery around Gaudi’s work and Jesús Alonso Iglesias does an excellent job illustrating the world of the story and Gaudi. Author: El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors, Lion Forge 2017 Category: Graphic novel Original […]